Crochet Kits

I've gotten so many questions about where to buy yarn, safety eyes, joints and requests to help out and put together kits with all the materials needed, so anyone can recreate the toys I have made. So, here they are - kits for my most popular patterns.

Amigurumi crochet kits // Kristi Tullus (

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Donkey Pattern

I have a new pattern to share with you today! My little farm animals family is slowly growing, the latest addition being this sweet donkey.

Pattern: 4-way jointed donkey // Kristi Tullus (

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My Christmas Patterns

Happy December 1st! The holiday season has officially begun and although I know the better organized ones of us crocheters have been making things for Santa since July, I've tried to refrain from making and posting any Christmas toys to help save all the excitement until now. But it's finally time to bust out all the cheerful holiday patterns and get crocheting. Bring on the Christmas spirit!

Amigurumi Christmas patterns // Kristi Tullus (

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My Picks from the "Done in a Day" Pattern Bundle

Have you gotten your “Done In A Day” Crochet Pattern Bundle yet? It's one amazing deal you don't want to miss - over 40 patterns for up to 90% off. You'll definitely want to tap into your inner early bird because the price will go up every 4 hours.

I already got my bundle and here are my top picks, I can't wait to get started. You'll definitely see me in these mittens and hats this winter. And now I have an excuse to make a trip to the yarn store.

The Ultimate Crochet Pattern Bundle

Check it out, and snag yours before the sale ends on December 1st! I can’t wait to find out which pattern you choose to crochet first.

Kristi Tullus





The Ultimate "Done In A Day" Crochet Pattern Bundle

Have a long list of homemade holiday gifts to make this season but running low on time? Trust me, I get it. With the madness of the holidays it’s easy to look at the calendar and have a mild panic attack wondering how you’re going to fit it all in. 
If you can relate, I've got some great resources to help you get your handmade holiday done on time and in style. 

The Ultimate

The folks at Ideal Me have worked hard to curate over 40+ crochet patterns, including my cuddly sheep pattern, that are designed to be completed in just one day and packaged them together in one Super Bundle.
Now through December 1st you can get all 40+ “Done In A Day” crochet patterns worth over $200 for up tp 90% off...but make sure to take advantage of this deal now because the longer you wait, the more the price increases. This is one deal that it pays to take advantage of now. 

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Teddy in a Vest and Top Hat

I've been going through some of my older patterns, rewriting some parts to make things clearer and taking new nicer photos. Latest one to get a makeover was this teddy pattern. 

Amigurumi teddy bear pattern // Kristi Tullus (

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