Tutorial - Magic Ring

A magic ring is a way to begin crocheting in round by crocheting the first round in to an adjustable loop and then pulling the loop tight. Alternatively you can chain 2, crochet n single crochet stitches into the second chain from hook.


magic ring starting amigurumi
1. Make a loop an inch from the yarn end.
Grab the join with your thumb and forefinger.
2. Insert the hook through the loop from front
to back, yarn over and draw up a loop.



amigurumi tutorial crochet tutorial
3. Yarn over and draw through the loop.

4. Pull the yarn tight. This does not count as the first single crochet stitch.



crochet toy start crocheting amigurumi
5. Start the first sc. Insert the hook through
the starting loop from front to back.
6. Draw up a loop. Yarn over and draw through both loops.



amigurumi free amigurumi class
7. Continue crocheting over the loop and the yarn tail until you have the required number
of sc for the first round, usually six.
8. Grab hold of the yarn tail and pull until the center is tightly closed.


If you do not see the videos properly, head over to YouTube.

Right-handed version

Left-handed version

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me, I am always happy to help.

Kristi Tullus


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Comment from: Orangeandi [Visitor]  

Thank you very much for showing this magic ring… It’s nicely done, so will be easy to follow.

21/05/16 @ 09:15
Comment from: CrotchetJoanna [Visitor]  

This is very exciting!! I’m best recreating what I watch vs trying to read the instructions. Thank you so much for this video tutorial. It’s perfect. Now to learn the next step. Fingers crossed.

19/04/17 @ 08:16
Comment from: Edward [Visitor]  

Super tutorials, I am left handed when I start the increase after making the magic loop it always seems inside out, I seem to be crocheting anti clockwise where am I going wrong. Thanks.

28/01/19 @ 14:01