NB! All tutorials and patterns are written using US crochet terms. If you are not familiar with them, take a look at this chart.


Crochet basics

Crochet terms comparison chart. A chart of most common US and UK crochet terms.

crochet hook size comparison

Crochet hook comparison chart. A chart with metric, US and UK crochet hook sizes.

Yarn weight comparison chart. A chart of different yarns with US, UK, NZ and AU terms.

Parts of a crochet stitch. Crocheting into front or back loops only and around the post of a stitch.

Crocheting into base chain. Crocheting into the loops or "bumps" on the back of a starting chain, leaving a nice even row of loops along the bottom edge.


Knitting basics

Knitting in a round with DPNs. Double pointed needles (DPNs) are great for knitting small items like toy clothes, socks and gloves.


Crochet Stitches

reverse single crochet stitch tutorial Reverse single crochet stitch. A great way to give your crocheted pieces a nice decorative edging.


Amigurumi essentials

Getting started. Choosing a pattern and materials.    
Magic ring. Starting a piece with an adjustable loop.
Amigurumi tutorial Crocheting in spiral Crocheting in spiral How to start crocheting in spiral when working in single crochet stitch.
Increasing. Regular and invisible single crochet increase.
Decreasing. Regular and invisible single crochet decrease.
Crocheting a round piece. Staggering increases and decreases when crocheting a round amigurumi piece.
Finishing an open piece. Two ways to finish an open amigurumi piece.
Finishing a closed piece. One method for finishing closed amigurumi pieces.
sewing an open piece to a closed piece Joining two open pieces. Two ways to sew two open pieces together.
sewing an open piece to a closed piece Sewing an open piece to a closed piece. Joining details with whip and mattress stitch.
Fastening the yarn tail. A way to securely fasten a yarn with a double knot and hide the tail inside a pice.


Speciality techniques

Starting an oval piece with a chain. Using a chain as a base for an oval piece by crocheting the first row around the starting chain.
Yarn change. Switching yarns when working in single crochet stitches.
Seamless join. Join rounds for perfect stripes.
finishing a flat piece Crocheting a flat piece. Two ways to finish flat pieces.
sewing an open piece to a closed piece Sewing a flat piece to a closed piece. Two ways to sew a flat piece to a closed piece.

One pattern, different yarns. Using different materials and different weight yarns with the same pattern to create different looks and sizes.

Using fuzzy yarn. My tips for using eyelash yarn to turn any pattern into a fuzzy and cuddly version.

Attaching jointed limbs. Three ways to attach the arms and legs to make them movable.



Embroidering teddy bear's nose. A quick and easy way to embroider noses on your teddy bears, bunnies and cats.
Embroidering a smile. My way of embroidering smooth curved lines on a bumpy crocheted surface.
Leaving holes for safety eyes. Leaving little holes in the fabric for safety eyes, noses and joints, if your fabric is too tight to attach them otherwise.
Crochet surface stitching. Crocheting on top of another crocheted or knitted piece.


Clothes and Accessories

Simple dress and cape. Make a simple crocheted dress and a cape for any long-legged animal or doll, or just a cape for a sitting animal.
Fabric dress. Sewing a simple fabric dress for your amigurumi dolls or animals.
Removable dress. Dress with a lace skirt and button closure. This dress pattern can be customized to fit any size doll or stuffed animal.


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