Tutorial - Finishing a flat piece

A lot of amigurumi toys include flat pieces like ears, wings, flippers or partially flat pieces like the top of the arms. Just like the rest of your toy, the flat pieces start with a magic ring and are crocheted in spiral. Except, after you finish them, you push them flat and don't add any stuffing.

Tip! Flat pieces can also be crocheted in rows, but I prefer making them in rounds - this way the edge will look nicer and the pieces are sturdier.

How to finish your flat piece depends on whether you want it to stand up or lay against the larger piece once it's sewn on. For example: here the straight bunny ears are finished one way and the floppy ears and arms finished the other way. The way you sew them on also matters, read more about it HERE.

Amigurumi bunnies


Every flat piece starts with a magic ring and is crocheted in spiral. Depending on what you are making, it can look like a bowl (teddy ears), a long tube getting narrower towards the opening (bunny ears), a cone (cat ears), an almond shape (wings) or any other tube shape, closed at the bottom. The other end is usually left open.

I am making a small bunny ear, this is what it looks before flattening it:

crocheting a flat amigurumi piece

amigurumi tutorial


Straight ears

Finishing pieces you want to stay up is very simple - just fasten off and flatten the piece.

crochet pattern

1. Slip stitch in next stitch and fasten off (tutorial).


crochet pattern

2. Starting from the open end, push the edges of the opening together,
flattening the top.


crocheting toys

3. And then flatten the whole piece.


Floppy ears

But if you want your piece to lay flat against the larger piece, push the top flat and crochet over the opening with single crochet stitches (double crochet in UK and Australia).

finishing flat pieces

1. Finish the piece, but don't fasten off. Push the piece flat (see above).


crocheting amigurumi bunny ears

2. Insert your hook through both layers, skipping the last stitch.


amigurumi tutorial

3. Yarn over and draw up a loop. Yarn over and draw through both
loops on the hook.


crochet tutorial

4. Crochet over the whole opening.


crochet pattern

5. Cut the yarn and fasten off.




Video Tutorial


If you do not see the videos properly, head over to YouTube.

Right-handed version


Left-handed version

And now your pieces are ready to be sewn to another closed piece. You can find a little tutorial HERE.


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