TUTORIAL: Fastening and hiding yarn tails

When making amigurumi style toys, the pieces are crocheted separately, stuffed and then joined, which means there are a lot of yarn tails to hide.

When making toys for small children, it is important to fasten all yarn tails securely. This tutorial will show how to fasten the yarn tail with a knot and hide inside a piece.


amigurumi tutorial crochet tutorial
1. Finish sewing. Bring the yarn up through
the fabric.
2. Insert the needle under one loop of a stitch right next to the hole.



amigurumi tutorial crochet tutorial
3. Pull until you have a small loop.

4. Make a double knot. Do not push the first knot close to the fabric.



crochet toy start crocheting amigurumi
5. Cut off the loop end.

6. Insert the needle into the same hole, going up and through the piece.



amigurumi free amigurumi class
7. Pull lightly until the knot disappears into
the fabric.
8. Pull lightly on the yarn tail and cut it off close to the fabric.



If you do not see the videos properly, head over to YouTube.

Right-handed version

Left-handed version

Kristi Tullus


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Comment from: Ruth Walbrecht [Visitor]
Ruth Walbrecht

Thank you so much. Your photos and tutorials are great. I never knew how to make a nose and hide the tail. Very clear pictures. Also very thoughtful to show left and right handed.

03/10/16 @ 16:13
Comment from: Danielle [Visitor]

Your video links are not working. I can’t seem to get this right, is there a different link the videos we can see?

01/12/16 @ 11:38
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi Danielle,

I am working on new videos right now, I will have new links for you later today.


01/12/16 @ 12:19
Comment from: Sandra [Visitor]

This tutorial is brilliant!!!
Thank you!!!!

13/06/17 @ 16:31
Comment from: Zedgirl [Visitor]

Your videos are perfect - perfect length, lighting is great, close-ups just right and beautiful hands with clean fingernails (unbelievable that some people do make videos with dirty fingernails)!….. and you’ve covered nearly all the problems I’ve not been able to find answers to anywhere else.
Thank you

08/09/17 @ 01:14
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

I’m glad I could help 😊

08/09/17 @ 19:36