Teddy bear in a hoodie

My teddy bear family has a new member - this little guy in a hoodie!

Amigurumi teddy bear pattern // Kristi Tullus (spire.ee)

This teddy is 4-way jointed, just like his brothers and sisters. I love using plastic doll joints, they are so easy to install, durable and waterproof. But you can use old fashioned cotter pin joints, buttons and thread or even just thread to attach the arms and legs. In the pattern I will show two ways - using plastic doll joints or buttons and thread.

amigurumi teddy bear in a hoodie

For my teddy I used a cotton and linen blend "Linen" from Katia, not the easiest yarn to work with, but I just love the way it looks. And for the hoodie a cotton and acrylic blend "Cotton Gold" from Alize. I have worked with these yarns before and I know they give the exact same gauge, but when in doubt, stick with just one brand.

crocheted teddy bear pattern

For more info, full materials list and a little preview, take a look at the first four pages. And if you now feel like crocheting a little teddy yourself, get a copy of the pattern on kristitullus.com, Etsy or Ravelry.

But if you're not that handy with a crochet hook, I'd be happy to make you one, take a look here.

amigurumi teddy bear pattern

I would love to see how your teddy bears turn out, so do leave me a comment below, post a photo my Facebook page or tag me in your social media posts, I'm @kristitullus on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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