Small teddy bears

I'm still in love the little bear pattern - it's so quick and easy to make. And if using DK or even fingering weight yarn, the result is so adorably tiny. But this time I went for a chunky wool and acrylic blend, Lanagold Plus from Alize, for a more huggable size. 

Amigurumi tutorial: Using different yarns to size amigurumi up or down // Kristi Tullus (

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Teddy Bear Clown

I found an unfinished pattern from 2014 I had forgotten all about. Feels good to finally get a project done, although I must admit I still have quite a large box waiting for inspiration to strike again.

Pattern: Teddy bear in a clown costume // Kristi Tullus (

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Christmas teddy bear

Last year I wrote three Christmas patterns - an angel and elves. This year I thought I'd make something a bit simpler with not quite as many details, that would take a bit less time to make, knowing this is the busiest time of the year for most crocheters. So, meet my little Christmas bear, eager to be one of Santa's little helpers.

Christmas teddy bear pattern // Kristi Tullus (

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Teddy bear in a hoodie

My teddy bear family has a new member - this little guy in a hoodie!

Amigurumi teddy bear pattern // Kristi Tullus (

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Panda Bear Mod

I started working on a panda bear, but then realized I already have a teddy bear pattern that would work great, all I needed to do is change the color scheme a bit and add patches around the eyes. So that's what I did. And if you want to make one yourself, keep reading, I will talk you through all the details.

But first, a few photos to show off mine.

Amigurumi panda bear pattern // Kristi Tullus (

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One pattern, different yarns

One great thing about crocheting toys is that the exact size is rarely important, which gives you the opportunity to experiment with all kinds of different yarns - use bulkier yarn (or crochet holding multiple strands of yarn together) and you'll get a larger toy, use finer yarn and you'll get a smaller toy, pick eyelash yarn for a fuzzy look, cotton or viscose for a nice smooth surface, alpaca or wool for a more natural and rustic feel. With just one pattern you can create so many different looks.

Amigurumi tutorial: Using different yarns to size amigurumi up or down // Kristi Tullus (

If you pick a yarn that is significantly lighter or heavier (i.e. finer or thicker) than the one listed in the pattern, you'll also need to adjust the size of the crochet hook and eyes, noses, joints or any other details you want to use, more about it below.

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