Fee pattern: Rattle Monsters

These small monsters are crocheted around a rattle made of a plastic egg from a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg filled with small glass beads. But you can always use fiberfill to stuff the body. Long antennae are perfect for grabbing with small hands.


Free pattern: Crocheted rattle // Kristi Tullus (sidrun.spire.ee)



About 8,5 cm (3 1/3") tall, including the antennae, with fingering weight cotton yarn and a 1,75 mm crochet hook (US thread hook size 4).



2. Beginner - suitable for novice crocheters, includes small details and may require a bit of customization.


Skills required

Crocheting in spiral, single crochet stitch, increasing and decreasing, finishing a closed piece.


You will need

• Yarn. I used fingering weight cotton yarn, 50g = 125m (50g = 135yd) / 4 ply / 14 wpi. You will need about 15 g of yarn for each monster.
• 1,75 mm crochet hook (US thread hook size 4) or according to the yarn.
• Polyester wadding for stuffing.
• Cotton embroidery floss to make the face.
• Plastic egg from a Kinder surprise chocolate egg and small glass or plastic beads.
• Yarn needle, scissors, stitch marker.



mr, sc n = magic ring – crochet n single crochet stitches into the adjustable loop.
sc = single crochet stitch (double crochet stitch in UK and Australia).
sc n = crochet n single crochet stitches, one in each stitch.
inc = increase – crochet two single crochet stitches in the same stitch.
dec = decrease – crochet two stitches together using the invisible decrease method.
(sc 4, inc) x n = repeat the pattern between parentheses n times.
(sc 4, inc) x 6 [36] = number of stitches in a round after finishing round.



• Work in a continuous spiral, without joining rounds or turning.
• Use a stitch marker or a piece of yarn to mark the end or the beginning of a round.
• All stitches are worked into both loops.




1: mr, sc 6 [6]
2: inc x 6 [12]
3: (sc, inc) x 6 [18]
4: (inc, sc 2) x 6 [24]
5: (sc 5, inc) x 4 [28]
6-7: sc in each stitch [28]

Insert the rattle inside the body and make
sure it is a snug fit. You may need to make
some small adjustments (see below).

8-15: sc in each stitch [28]

Insert the plastic egg inside the body and
make sure it fits perfectly. You may need to
add or skip a row single crochet stitches.

Embroider the face.

16: (sc 5, dec) x 4 [24]
17: (dec, sc 2) x 6 [18]
18: (sc, dec) x 6 [12]
19: dec x 6 [6]

Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail, and draw
the end through the loop. Pick up all the
remaining stitches and close the opening.
See photo and video tutorial HERE.

Antennae (make 2)

1: mr, sc 6 [6]
2: inc x 6 [12]
3-5: sc in each stitch [12]
6: (sc, dec) x 4 [8]

Stuff the tip of the antennae.

7-11: sc in each stitch [8]

Cut the yarn, leaving a long yarn tail
for sewing, and fasten off. Stuff the
antennae firmly.




a ) You may need to make small adjustments to make sure the body will fit snugly around the rattle.


free crochet pattern amigurumi rattle tutorial
1. Make sure the body fits snugly around the
rattle. You may need to increase or decrease
the number of inc on round 5. Make the same number of dec on round 16.

2. If the body is too short or too long, add
or skip a round of single crochet stitches,
before starting to decrease.



b ) Finish the first fifteen rounds and embroider the face.


Flower eyes (detached chain stitch aka lazy daisy)


free soft rattle pattern
crocheted baby rattle
1. Bring the yarn up between rounds 9 and 10. 
Go down in the same hole and bring it up
where the petal ends.

2. Loop the yarn around the needle, hold it
down with your thumb and draw the yarn


amigurumi baby toy
free baby rattle pattern
3. Make a small stitch over the loop, inserting
the needle just outside it and bring it back up
at the center of the flower.

4. Make 5-6 petals. Do the same with the
second flower. Embroider the mouth with
back stitch.



Smiling face with fangs


amigurumi monster
crochet rattle monster
1. Embroider the eyes, placing the center
stitch between rounds 10 and 11.

2. Embroider the fangs on round 14.


small crochet monster

3. Embroider the mouth with back stitch.



Spiral and X


free amigurumi pattern
free crochet tutorial
1. Cut two lengths of yarn or embroidery floss
and split one.

2. Bring the yarn up between rounds 9 and


crocheted creature
crochet rattle pattern
3. Stitch over the yarn fith the finer yarn,
keeping it in place.

4. Arrange the yarn in a spiral.


free toy pattern
soft toy tutorial
5. Use the thicker yarn to embroider the mouth
and the other eye.

2. Use the finer yarn to make a few stitches
over the mouth.



c ) Put the rattle inside the body, finish it and close the opening.


crochet photo tutorial
amigurumi baby toy
1. Place the rattle inside the body before you
start decreasing.

2. Finish the body and close the opening.
Hide the yarn tail.



d ) Finish the antennae and sew them to the body. Fasten and hide the yarn tails inside the antennae.


soft toy rattle
crochet tutorial
1. Sew the antennae to the body.

2. Fasten and hide the yarn tails inside the
the antennae.



Have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact me!


Copyright © 2013 TÜ Spire. Please do not post the pattern to your website or blog, instead post a link to http://engsidrun.spire.ee/blogs/blog1.php/rattle-monsters. You MAY use this pattern as a teaching aid in any free class or e-course, or as part of a free crochet pattern, provided you credit me as the designer (Kristi Tullus, http://sidrun.spire.ee).

Feel free to sell items made with this pattern.


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