Pink cat in a lace dress.

Even Santa Claus and his little helpers can't make all the toys themselves and have to buy some from a store or, if you are lucky, order them from aunt Kristi. My nieces can really appreciate handmade toys, especially if they come from a loved one and they are included in the creative process.



Whenever my 5-yo niece calls me over Skype, she asks to see every toy that I make. In the beginning of December, I showed her a small pink cat in a purple dress that she really liked and asked if I could make one for her. Great! A bigger cat would make a cute Christmas present.

Santa and his elves are very-very real and they are the ones that bring all the gifts. They really do! But these handmade toys they have to order from me, because Santa doesn't know how to crochet and elves have fingers that are just too small for that.