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Happy December 1st! The holiday season has officially begun and although I know the better organized ones of us crocheters have been making things for Santa since July, I've tried to refrain from making and posting any Christmas toys to help save all the excitement until now. But it's finally time to bust out all the cheerful holiday patterns and get crocheting. Bring on the Christmas spirit!

Amigurumi Christmas patterns // Kristi Tullus (

I don't actually have any new patterns to share with you this year, but I do have some I wrote in previous years that I still love, so I thought I'd share them again and hopefully inspire you to reach for your crochet hook. There are some that require quite a bit of time and others that take just a couple of hours to make, so I hope you'll find something just for you, whether it's something really special or a quick last minute gift.

Amigurumi elf pattern

Christmas Elf pattern - 5.50€

Amigurumi elf girl pattern

Christmas Elf Girl pattern - 5.50€

Small Amigurumi elf tutorial

Small Christmas Elf pattern - FREE

Amigurumi Christmas Bear pattern

Christmas Teddy Bear pattern - 4.90€

Amigurumi Christmas Bear pattern

Christmas Mouse CAL on (last year) - FREE

Amigurumi Christmas mouse pattern

Modified Sleepy Teddy Bear pattern - 5.20€


Have a lovely-lovely time, everyone! And I do hope to see what you are making this month, so don't be shy and share your makes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or leave me comment below.

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