Mermaid pattern

After taking a break over this summer I am back working on new and exciting patterns, starting with this little mermaid.

Amigurumi mermaid pattern // Kristi Tullus (

It took me a while to actually start writing the pattern - I just couldn't decide whether to go for a more intricate and embellished look or keep things simple. Finally I decided to go with the more simple look, mainly because the way I like to do doll hair can take quite a bit of time to make and I didn't want to create a pattern that takes days and days to complete.

mermaid doll pattern

For my mermaid I used DK weight cotton and bamboo blend - Bamboo from Katia - one of my all time favorite yarns, that has sadly been discontinued. But I still have a few skeins in my stash. For the body I used 03 natural white and for the little lace detail around the waist 24 lime green. For the tail I picked Muskat from Drops, a 100% cotton yarn, in 74 petrol. I have used both these yarns before and I knew they give me the exact same gauge, but when in doubt, stitck with just one brand.

For the hair I used Cashmere Gold from Madame Tricot Paris in 107 orange, a sport weight wool and acrylic blend. The finer the yarn you use, the more natural the hair will look, but it does mean it will also take longer to make.

crocheted mermaid pattern

For pattern info, full materials list and a little preview, take a look at the first three pages. And if you now feel like crocheting a little mermaid yourself, get a copy of the pattern here or here.

But if crocheting is not your cup of tea, I would be happy to make you one myself, take a look here.

mermaid doll pattern

Kristi Tullus






Comment from: Mecedora Tejedora [Visitor]  
Mecedora Tejedora

It’s sooo cute! I like so much!
I hope to have some free time soon and I’ll try it.
Congratulations for your patterns. I like them very much.

30/09/16 @ 14:21
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Thank you, Mecedora!

30/09/16 @ 16:32
Comment from: Mamafyza [Visitor]

It’s sooo cute! I like so much!

06/11/17 @ 18:46