Tiny bears and bunnies

When getting ready for a craft show in May, I decided to use up some of the fingering weight cotton I had left over from larger projects and made a few cute tiny bears and bunnies. They turned out to be so popular I sold out rather quickly, so I'm making more for the next one.

Small amigurumi bunny and bear pattern // Kristi Tullus (spire.ee)

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Small Bunny Pattern

I made my little teddy bears a bunny cousin. Both the bears and bunnies are so quick and easy to make, the patterns turned out to be quite addictive, I've already made a whole army, which I will show you next week.

Pattern: Small 4-way jointed bunny // Kristi Tullus (spire.ee)

For more info, full materials list and a little preview, take a look at the first four pages. You can get the pattern on Etsy, Ravelry or kristitullus.com.

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Zebra Pattern

I have a new pattern to share with you today! My little zebra is finally finished and I must say I am really happy with how he turned out.

Pattern: 4-way jointed zebra // Kristi Tullus (spire.ee)

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Small teddy bears

I'm still in love the little bear pattern - it's so quick and easy to make. And if using DK or even fingering weight yarn, the result is so adorably tiny. But this time I went for a chunky wool and acrylic blend, Lanagold Plus from Alize, for a more huggable size. 

Amigurumi tutorial: Using different yarns to size amigurumi up or down // Kristi Tullus (spire.ee)

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Fox pattern update

When I first wrote the fox pattern almost three years ago, I really wanted to use worsted weight yarn, but couldn't find a yarn thick enough in the right colors, so decided to crochet my fox holding two strands of yarn together. Which made the photos a bit confusing for some crocheters. Also, I wasn't really happy with the colors, I thought the photos could be better, pattern just a tad more clear and concise in places. Plus the neck joint was causing a bit of trouble for some of you. And we can't have that, now can we. 

Crochet pattern: 4-way jointed amigurumi fox  // Kristi Tullus (spire.ee)

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Tutorial: How to attach jointed limbs

Have you seen those teddy bears with jointed arms and legs that can be moved back and forth and wondered how to do that? Then keep reading, in this post I will show a few different ways to attach the limbs to make them movable.

Tutorial: Three ways to attach jointed arms and legs  // Kristi Tullus (spire.ee)

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