Embroidering Bootlaces

Embroidering laces on your crocheted boots is such a great and easy way to add a little detail and make them look more realistic. It's not difficult to do at all, but it can be a bit tricky to get a nice symmetrical result on your first try.

Tutorial: Embroidering Shoelaces


Deer Kit

Last year I put together kits with some of my favorite patterns and they turned out to be so popular I even had a bit of trouble keeping up with the demand. I'm really glad you're enjoying them and I'll be adding more over the next couple of months, as soon as I can get all materials together and samples finished.

CROCHET KIT: Deer // Kristi Tullus (spire.ee)

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Pig Pattern

Pigs are awesome animals - curious, social, intelligent. And here's my crocheted version. My farm animal collection is slowly growing, but I am still missing quite a few - a horse, a goat and a cow are already on my list, maybe even some more exotic animals like alpacas or ostriches.

Amigurumi Pig Pattern // Kristi Tullus (spire.ee)

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Making Keychains

Little amigurumi creatures make such cute keychains or bag charms and are great gifts, appreciated by childrens and adults alike. In today's post I will share a couple of my favorite patterns, what materials I like to use and how I attach the clasp and keyring.

Making amigurumi animal keychains // Kristi Tullus (spire.ee)

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Crocheting into base chain

I have a very quick and easy trick to share with you today - crocheting into the loops or "bumps" on the back of a starting chain. Doing this will leave a nice even row of loops along the bottom edge.

Crochet Basics: Crocheting into a base chain// Kristi Tullus (spire.ee)

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Free pattern: Tiny teddy bear

These little teddy bears were one of the very first toys I ever made, now over six years ago, and I still love them. So I thought I would share the pattern with all of you as well.

Free crochet pattern: Tiny teddy bear // Kristi Tullus (spire.ee)

I love making these little guys as keychains or bag charms, using very fine cotton yarn (I will write a blog post about it in a couple of weeks), but they also make really cute little gifts or stocking fillers.

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