Crocheted Star Ornaments

I'm completely in love with all the intricate and delicate and oh so beautiful crocheted snowflakes I keep seeing everywhere. There are tons and tons of gorgeous patterns out there, I have gathered a few on my Pinterest board, if you care to take a look. Every year I plan to make a bunch and every year I leave it too late and every year I think "Next year!"

If you're like me, you may want to try something simpler, like these crocheted stars I found on One Dog Woof. They are so beautiful and Christmassy, but take a lot less time to make. Also, these look equally nice made with any weight yarn, even the bulkier ones, so they are definitely a better option for beginner crocheters who might be intimidated by yarn that looks more like sewing thread and a hook you have to look through a magnifier to make sure you haven't picked up a needle, which the snowflake patterns call for. 

Crocheted star ornaments // ChiWei (

Photo and pattern: One Dog Woof

Kristi Tullus





Small Bobble Sheep

I found this sweet little bobble sheep pattern by Emma Field from Just Add Crochet. I really loved making it, I see a lot of my scrap yarn turning into sheep in near future. 

Free amigurumi pattern: Small bobble sheep // Emma Fields (

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Where to buy safety eyes?

As most of you probably already know, I love using safety eyes for my amigurumi animals and dolls. They look great, are really quick and easy to install (usually, but more about it below) and so far I have not had a single issue with them breaking or coming off. But it is advisable to find alternatives when making toys for babies who might find them too irresistible not to chew on.

Free crochet pattern: Small long-legged cat // Kristi Tullus (

I get asked quite often where I buy my safety eyes and which ones I like the most. So I thought I'd put together a little list of my favorite safety eyes and give you a little review. I know there are a lot more hidden gems out there, so do leave a comment below with your favorites and/or ones to stay away from.

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Pom-pom Easter Bunny

Pom-pom Easter bunny tutorial

Aww... just look at that sweet little pom-pom bunny rabbit I just found on! I think I will have to make a few for Easter. Right... I'm off to buy some pom-pom makers!

Spring crafts with children

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Crocheted Baby Hat Patterns

Some of the cutest baby hat patterns. All available online. Click on the photo!

Photo Shoot with PapaOpa vol. 2

Clothes: Merle Lõhmus Unique
Toys: PapaOpa
Photos: Jaana Süld


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