Free Pattern - Small Owl

I first wrote a pattern for this little owl three years ago, but I decided to take new photos and update the pattern a bit, making the wings simpler.

Free crochet pattern: Small owl // Kristi Tullus (

You don't need much yarn for this owl, which makes it a great project to use up any scrap yarn. It doesn't include any complicated stitches or techniques, but the small details can be a bit fiddly to make.

free amigurumi owl pattern


About 6cm (2 1/3") tall, with DK weight linen and cotton blend (50g = 100m) and a 2,50 mm crochet hook (US size 2/C).


Skills required

• Single crochet stitch
• Half double crochet stitch
Magic ring
Crocheting in spiral
Finishing and joining pieces.


You will need

• Yarn. I used DK weight cotton-linen blend and cotton-acrylic blend, 50g = 100m (50g = 109yd) / 8 ply / 11 wpi / 3: light. You will need about 10g of beige and a couple of grams of pink, purple and white yarn.
• 2,25 - 3,50 mm crochet hook (US hook size 2/C - 4/E) or according to the yarn.
• Polyester fiberfill, wool, wadding etc. for stuffing.
• Cotton embroidery floss.
• 9 mm safety eyes or buttons, beads, felt etc.
• Yarn needle, scissors, stitch marker.

crocheted owl pattern and tutorial


mr, sc n = magic ring – crochet n single crochet stitches into the adjustable loop.
ch = chain stitch.
sl st = slip stitch.
sc = single crochet stitch (double crochet stitch in UK and Australia).
hdc = half double crochet stitch (half triple crochet stitch in UK and Australia).
sc (or ch, hdc) n = crochet n single crochet stitches (or ch, hdc), one in each stitch.
inc = increase – crochet two single crochet stitches in the same stitch.
inc3 = double increase – crochet three single crochet stitches in the same stitch. 
dec = decrease – crochet two stitches together using the invisible decrease method.
(sc 4, inc) x n = repeat the pattern between parentheses n times.
[36] = number of stitches in a round after finishing round.



• Work in a continuous spiral, do not join rounds or turn your work, unless instructed otherwise in the pattern.
• Use a stitch marker or a piece of yarn to mark the end or the beginning of a round. Move the marker up after completing each round.
• All stitches are worked into both loops, unless instructed otherwise in the pattern.


Eye patch – safety eye

With white yarn:

Round 1: mr, sc 7, sl st in first sc = [7]

Insert the safety eye into the loop and draw the loop tightly closed around it.

small amigurumi owl tutorial

Round 2: ch 1, inc x 7 = [14]

Cut the yarn, leaving a long yarn tail for sewing, and fasten off cleanly.

amigurumi owl pattern

Eye patch – embroidered eye

With white yarn:

Round 1: mr, sc 7, sl st in first sc = [7]
Round 2: ch 1, inc x 7 = [14]

Cut the yarn, leaving a long yarn tail for sewing, and fasten off cleanly.

free amigurumi bird pattern


With beige yarn:

Round 1: mr, sc 6 = [6]
Round 2: (sc 1, inc3 x 2) x 2 = [14]
Round 3: sc 3, inc x 3, sc 4, inc x 3, sc 1 = [20]
Round 4: sc 4, inc x 3, sc 7, inc x 3, sc 3 = [26]
Round 5: sc 5, inc, (sc 1, inc) x 2, sc 8, inc, (sc 1, inc) x 2, sc 3 = [32]
Rounds 6-10: sc in each stitch = [32]

Place a stitch marker (or a piece of yarn) between the 18th and 19th stitch on round 11 and leave it there. This marks the center of the face, use it as a guide when placing the eyes.

small amigurumi toys

Rounds 11-12: sc in each stitch = [32]
Round 13: sc 10, dec, sc 14, dec, sc 4 = [30]
Round 14: sc 14, dec, sc 4, dec, sc 8 = [28]
Round 15: sc 6, dec, sc 18, dec = [26]
Round 16: sc 3, dec, sc 11, dec, sc 8 = [24]

Attach the eyes to either side of the stitch marker. Sew the eye patches to the head.

tiny crocheted owl pattern

free amigurumi owl tutorial

crochet pattern

Embroider the eye(s) and beak.

Tip! Sew the eye patches to the head, embroider the eye(s) and beak and add any other embellishments before you start stuffing the body – this way you can fasten all yarn tails securely with a knot inside the body.

free amigurumi toy pattern

free crochet tutorials

Round 17: sc 11, dec, (sc 3, dec) x 2, sc = [21]
Round 18: sc 5, dec, sc 1, leave the rest of the stitches unworked = [20]

Slip stitch in next stitch. Before you fasten off, flatten the opening and make sure the last stitch is at the corner. You may need to add or skip a single crochet stitch or two.

free toy making tutorials

Cut the yarn, leaving a long yarn tail for sewing, and fasten off. Stuff the body firmly and sew the opening closed.

free crochet bird pattern


With pink yarn:

Round 1: ch 6, starting in 2nd chain from hook: sc 3, hdc, 6 hdc in first ch, rotate and work into the chains from the other side: hdc, sc 3, sl st in 1st sc with purple yarn = [14]

Tutorial: Crocheting the first round around a chain

With purple yarn:

Round 2: ch, sc 5, inc, (sc 1, inc) x 2, sc 4, sc in sl st at the end of the last round = [18]

Fasten off cleanly and weave in the yarn tails. Sew the wings to the body, making a few stitches around the round end.

amigurumi owl pattern

free amigurumi owl pattern with photos

Cut a few pieces of yarn and draw them through the corner. Make a knot and push it close to the body. Cut off the extra yarn.

free crochet owl pattern in English

small crocheted toy pattern

Fasten and hide all yarn tails. And done!

free toy owl pattern

I would love to see how your little owls turn out. Post a photo to my Facebook page or leave a comment below.


Copyright © 2013-2016 TÜ Spire. All rights reserved.
Please do not post this pattern to your website or blog, instead post a link to You MAY use this pattern as a teaching aid in any free class or e-course, or as part of a free crochet pattern, provided you credit me as the designer (Kristi Tullus,

Feel free to sell items made with this pattern.

Kristi Tullus


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Comment from: María del carmen peña [Visitor]
María del carmen peña

adoro los búhos lo voy a hacer gracias por compartir también quisiera si no es molestia un patrón de corazones esos que van rellenos desde ya gracias por todos los trabajos tan bellos !

08/11/13 @ 02:33
Comment from: jennifer [Visitor]

thank you for such a beautiful project

09/11/13 @ 14:25
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

You are very welcome!

09/11/13 @ 14:52
Comment from: Lori [Visitor]

I think you owl is so cute. I was making one and got to row 18. It doesn’t make sense. The stitches do not add up to 20.

02/12/13 @ 05:42
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi Lori,
20 is the total number of stitches you will be left with after you fasten off, mid row.

02/12/13 @ 10:03
Comment from: Lori [Visitor]

Thanks I figured it out after I sent the message.

02/12/13 @ 17:58
Comment from: Irina [Visitor]  

Hi, this is just an amazing owl!! I very much want to make one for my sister, she loves these birds)) Is there a video on making them by any chance? I’m a complete beginner. Thank you!

01/02/15 @ 23:18
Comment from: Hanna [Visitor]

There is something I must be doing wrong because in the 4th row my stitches don’t add up to 28 but 22 (sc 4, inc x 3, sc 8, inc x 3, sc 4). Am I missing something? Please help!

17/02/15 @ 23:24
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi Hanna,

On the first few rounds there are both regular increases (two sc in the same stitch, inc) and double increases (three sc in the same stitch, inc3) and I am guessing you either did a regular increase instead of a double increase somewhere or maybe missed one?

So, this is how the first five rounds go:

Round 1: mr, sc 6 = [6] - start with a magic ring and crochet six single crochet stitches into the loop.

Round 2: (sc, inc3 x 2) x 2 = [14] - crochet one sc in the first stitch (sc), then three sc-s into each of the the next two stitches (inc3 x 2), repeat from the beginning one more time.

Round 3: sc 3, inc x 3, sc 4, inc x 3, sc 1 = [20] - crochet one sc in each of the first three stitches (sc 3), then two sc-s in each of the next three stitches (inc x 3), then one sc in each of the next four stitches (sc 4), then two sc-s in each of the next three stitches (inc x 3), then one sc in the last stitch (sc).

Round 4: sc 4, inc x 3, sc 7, inc x 3, sc 3 = [26] - crochet one sc in each of the first four stitches (sc 4), then two sc-s in each of the next three stitches (inc x 3), then one sc in each of the next seven stitches (sc 7), then two sc-s in each of the next three stitches (inc x 3), then one sc in each of the last three stitches (sc 3).

Round 5: sc 5, inc, (sc, inc) x 2, sc 8, inc, (sc, inc) x 2, sc 3 = [32] - crochet one sc in each of the first five stitches (sc 5), then two sc-s in next stitch (inc), then one sc in next stitch (sc), two sc-s in next stitch (inc), repeat the “sc, inc” pattern one more time, then one sc in next eight stitches (sc 8), then two sc-s in next stitch (inc), then one sc in next stitch (sc), two sc-s in next stitch (inc), repeat the “sc, inc” pattern one more time and then one sc in last three stitches (sc 3).

I hope this helps. Let me know if you are still having trouble and I will try to help you figure this out.


17/02/15 @ 23:46
Comment from: Hanna [Visitor]

Thank you very much!

After your explanation I discovered that I was confussing incx3 and inc3 in the forth row ^^UU. So now I just finished the body.

Hope I’m better trying to make the rest of the owl.

Again thank you for the design and for the helo

19/02/15 @ 01:01
Comment from: Grace Keogh [Visitor]  
Grace Keogh

Love these owls Kristi!! But even more so I love the way you personally respond to peoples queries in your comments, that gives your blog such a personal touch.

22/02/15 @ 23:51
Comment from: Daniela [Visitor]  

Just wonderful!
Very nice and easy, I love how you presented the pattern. 😍😍😍


14/03/15 @ 22:26
Comment from: Marie Janse v Rensburg [Visitor]
Marie Janse v Rensburg

That is beutifull

27/03/15 @ 16:38
Comment from: Ashley [Visitor]  

I was wondering where you get your eyes for these? I’m always doing stuffed animal projects and I can’t ever find eyes for them!

06/04/15 @ 04:04
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi Ashley,

I buy most of my simple black eyes, noses and joints from here:

But if I am looking for colorful eyes, I usually go for, theirs are the nicest I have found:


06/04/15 @ 12:10
Comment from: Allison [Visitor]

Gracias!!! Que bello buho! muy bien explicado el patrón. Bellisimos tus diseños!!☆♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆

09/04/15 @ 00:33
Comment from: Liz [Visitor]  

Thanks for the pattern. I never crochet before this kind of things. I did know how to make the stitches, but now I learne how to make a magic ring and in- and decrease on a very simple and nice way. Thaks a lot for the useful instructions. My little owl isnt the nicest one, but I love the fact I made it.

03/05/15 @ 17:30
Comment from: cris barbosa do brasil [Visitor]  
cris barbosa do brasil

Parabens lindo projeto.

20/07/15 @ 23:01
Comment from: LaiLai [Visitor]  

I am a self/YouTube taught crocheter. :) so this maybe a silly question but….. I have made it to the last row (18) on the body. I want to make sure I understand. To the best of my understanding I am only supposed to complete 6 stitches and the last should e a slip stitch? Thank you in advance for any help!

31/07/15 @ 03:37
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi LaiLai,

Yes, make only six stitches and then fasten off mid row. This way the end of the last round is at the top right hand corner instead of middle of the back, which makes sewing up the top seam a lot easier and the result much nicer.


31/07/15 @ 12:06
Comment from: ELVIRE [Visitor]

trop mignon ne connaissant pas l anglais j espère pouvoir me débrouiller
merci cordialement

26/08/15 @ 21:34
Comment from: Therezze [Visitor]

Thank you for sharing this pattern. I’ve made this winking owl and he’s a favourite. I crocheted the eyes so there’s no chance of the eyes being chewed off.. Will make a smaller one next and put a bell inside 👏

12/09/15 @ 16:19
Comment from: tammy [Visitor]

AWESOME pattern - so tiny & cute!!! Perfect for a small bit of beautiful fingering yarn!
Thank you for sharing the pattern and awesome photos - very helpful!

09/11/15 @ 00:55
Comment from: Genesis [Visitor]

Thank you for the pattern. My mother loves owls and I wanted an inexpensive gift to give her. She already had many figurines and I have recently started going back to crotchet, so this little guy is perfect :D

09/12/15 @ 20:49
Comment from: Vanina [Visitor]

Thank you very much for the pattern its lovely, my best wishes for you

11/12/15 @ 02:43
Comment from: Manu [Visitor]  

Such a cute little owl, thank you for sharing the pattern! I made a mobile for my baby girl and at 3 months old she loves looking at (and “talking” to) her colourful little owls while we change her diaper. I’m now crocheting another one with a little bell inside the body to hang in her stroller.

Best wishes from Switzerland :)

03/02/16 @ 23:10
Comment from: MariA [Visitor]

I love your owls Thanks 💙

12/02/16 @ 17:05
Comment from: Dorota [Visitor]  

Hello Kristi,
Few days ago, me and my daughter, started to crochet your owl - yellow one. Today, when I opened your website I received a little surprise - the yellow owl is gone :-( What can I do? I have started owl, with one wing - (right wing) and can’t finish :-( Could you send me pattern for this owl via email? I can pay for it.
Best wishes from Poland :-)

10/04/16 @ 23:26
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi Dorota,

I’m so sorry, I will send you the old pattern now so you can finish your owl.


11/04/16 @ 10:08
Comment from: Katalin [Visitor]  

Hello Kristi!

I made the yellow owl a few months ago, and I would like to make another one for my friend. Can you send me the old pattern? To make the same as the other one.

Thanks and best wishes from Hungary. :)


11/04/16 @ 10:53
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi everyone!

I’ll post the old wing pattern here, in case anyone wants use it or has an unfinished owl. The rest of the pattern is the same.

Left wing
1: mr, sc 6 (6)
2: inc x 2, [sc, hdc], [hdc, dc], [dc, tr, tr]

Fasten off and weave in the yarn tails.

Right wing
1: mr, sc 6 (6)
2: [ch 3, tr, dc], [dc, hdc], [hdc, sc], inc x 2

Fasten off and weave in the yarn tails.

Crochet a round of sc-s around the wing: attach the yarn with a sl st, continue crocheting around the wing, increasing after every two stitches around the round end, crochet one sc in each stitch along the sides, crochet 4 sc-s in the stitch at the tip of the wing. Fasten off cleanly -

Owl wings

11/04/16 @ 11:10
Comment from: Dorota [Visitor]

Hello Kristi,
Thank you very much :-)
You are the best ;-)

11/04/16 @ 23:08
Comment from: Jo [Visitor]

I finished an owl body last night and when I came back today the pattern had updated! Thought I was going mad for a minute!

11/04/16 @ 23:47
Comment from: Amanda [Visitor]

Hello! After reading comments I realized the pattern changed and updated! I thought I was going crazy too. Haha I did somehow mess up when I copied it to Word. Can you tell me the last row #18 for the yellow owl?? I have sc, dec, sc4, fasten off, (20)… well that’s not right! Haha

14/04/16 @ 04:58
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi Amanda,

That is right :) We fasten off mid-row so the last sc would be at the corner instead of middle of the back, that makes sewing a lot easier and nicer too.

Because everyone crochets a bit differently, you may need to add or skip a single crochet stitch or two. Take a look at the note and photo after the body pattern:

“Slip stitch in next stitch. Before you fasten off, flatten the opening and make sure the last stitch is at the corner. You may need to add or skip a single crochet stitch or two.”

Amigurumi owl

14/04/16 @ 09:10
Comment from: Amanda [Visitor]

Thanks! That makes sense now!! :D

14/04/16 @ 19:53
Comment from: Daiana [Visitor]  

Buenas tardes!Soy nueva en ésto y me cuesta comprender los términos, se podría agregar un dibujo con el patrón del cuerpo? Gracias. Saludos

16/04/16 @ 00:14
Comment from: Rhonda [Visitor]

Oh my goodness….I’m a very seasoned crochet lady but this pattern starting with the body drove me nuts…too confusing on when to do 3 increases and 2 increases….had to take out 4 times..wish it was just a little more clear…stitches just do not add up. Moving on to another pattern, I don’t like getting this frustrated…sorry

02/05/16 @ 18:34
Comment from: Doris [Visitor]  

Very cute. I saw a similar little owl with a piece of lace under his nose, I would say about an inch long. He was a gagged owl. There are things I like about both. If I post the owl I make, I will give you both credit. Thank you for sharing.

03/05/16 @ 09:53
Comment from: Jenni [Visitor]  

I made one of you little owls in purple now my sons would like rainbow colors different sizes. Do you have a larger pattern? I would be happy to purchase. The purple one came out so cute. (Except for the Pom Pom on the ears I couldn’t get it to look right.)


08/05/16 @ 05:37
Comment from: Julie Rodgers [Visitor]
Julie Rodgers

I’m crocheting your owl but can’t figure out Row 17…..the stitches don’t add up to 21….i’ve tried over and over but they only add up to 20!!! Please help x

20/05/16 @ 00:13
Comment from: Miranda [Visitor]

Do you have a copy of this in printable form? Maybe a pdf without photos? I would love to make a few of these and would rather not try to copy/paste to word and risk losing something.


20/05/16 @ 00:29
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi Julie,

I’m so sorry, I missed the sc at the end, it should be:
Round 17: sc 11, dec, (sc 3, dec) x 2, sc = [21]

Thanks for letting me know!


20/05/16 @ 09:52
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi Miranda,

I put together a printable version for you. You can download it here:
or here:


20/05/16 @ 10:30
Comment from: Julie Rodgers [Visitor]
Julie Rodgers

Thanks x

20/05/16 @ 10:45
Comment from: Nickie Knapp [Visitor]
Nickie Knapp

I love this pattern! Such a cute owl! Do you have a pattern for a larger version - like 8″ high? I would like to make a mama and some babies. I’m not very good at figuring out how to modify patterns to make them come out larger.

06/08/16 @ 23:53
Comment from: Edlira [Visitor]

Thank you Xristi for sharing your lovely pattern with us.

11/08/16 @ 00:07
Comment from: Kezakoflo [Visitor]

Thank you for your lovely pattern. The little owl I did with it is on my ig @kezakoflo

30/10/16 @ 16:29
Comment from: Bella Green [Visitor]  
Bella Green

Thank you for this adorable pattern. I love to use it to make small gifts and stocking stuffers from my leftover yarn. It’s a great way to use it up. I posted pics of my finished small owls and links to your site on my own blog Mes Amis Crocheted Toys ( Please keep creating gorgeous ami.

10/11/16 @ 02:44
Comment from: Sharon [Visitor]

I have made all the children (30) in my daughters class owls using this pattern but I could never get the wings right using the old version. The owls are so quick to make up and are a great stash buster. Thank you so much for you work <3

12/11/16 @ 23:16
Comment from: Emi [Visitor]

Thank you for the pattern. The little owl is soooo cute. I want to make the tiny owl as well. Do you have the pattern for that??

18/11/16 @ 02:30
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi Emi,

The tiny owl is made with the same pattern, I just used fingering weight cotton yarn [125m/50g(137m/50g)] and a 1,75 mm hook.

18/11/16 @ 09:14
Comment from: Fatma [Visitor]

Thanks for sharing

04/01/17 @ 13:36
Comment from: Amy [Visitor]

Thank you for your pattern. I made your owl and want to know if I can make and sell this owl at a charity bazaar?

22/01/17 @ 00:10
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi Amy,

You may make and sell as many as you like, for charity or profit.


22/01/17 @ 19:20
Comment from: Toni [Visitor]

Thank you! I forgot to make one eye wink! Lol

12/03/17 @ 04:04
Comment from: Agnes bayart [Visitor]  
Agnes bayart

Pourrais-je avoir quelques explications en français
En vous remerciant à l’avance bonne journée

19/04/17 @ 16:47
Comment from: Agnes bayart [Visitor]
Agnes bayart

Pourrais-je avoir des explications en français s’il vous plaît
Je vous en remercie à l’avance bonne journée Agnès

19/04/17 @ 16:48
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi Agnès,

Sorry, I don’t speak any French, so I can’t translate the pattern for you.

All the best,


19/04/17 @ 17:42
Comment from: menna [Visitor]  

i have made the owl pattern above and i was wondering what patten you used to make the owl bigger, as i really enjoyed making the smaller one.

20/05/17 @ 23:57
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi Menna,

I am so glad you enjoyed the pattern. They are both made using the same pattern, I just used heavier (thicker) yarn for the larger one.


23/05/17 @ 12:02
Comment from: Marianne [Visitor]

Thank you so much for this pattern. I Have a lot of fun with it. Made the ones in the picture 2 years ago and now we moved to Ecuador and I’m going to teach it to the kids in the orphanage.

18/07/17 @ 18:22
Comment from: Orsi [Visitor]  


A test résznél az 5.sornál ez a rész kimaradt a leírásból: ” (sc 1, inc) “. ezzel együtt lesz meg a 32 szem! egyébként gyönyörű munka! Gratulálok!

Round 5.: sc 5, inc, sc 1, inc) x 2, sc 8, Inc) x 2, sc 3 = [32]

helyette (így jó): Round 5: sc 5, inc, (sc 1, inc) x 2, sc 8, inc, (SC 1, INC) x 2, sc 3 = [32]

06/08/17 @ 22:39
Comment from: kristi [Member]  


07/08/17 @ 05:34
Comment from: Nina Yang [Visitor]
Nina Yang

I really like this pattern and owl! A friend of mine is obsessed with owls and I would love to make her one. However, I would like to make a bigger owl. If I want to make an owl around 6-7 inches, what should I do? Should I use a bigger hook and yarn or is there a way to calculate the number of stitches.

01/06/18 @ 23:16
Comment from: Kamilla [Visitor]

Thank you for the sweet pattern. This was my second amigurumi. :-)

24/06/18 @ 10:03
Comment from: Marcela [Visitor]

I love this small owls. Thank you so much for the partern. I am new on crochet and really happy for the result.

07/07/18 @ 07:06
Comment from: marilyne [Visitor]

merci pour ce modeles de hibou, tres bien expliqué.il servira a faire des doudous pour des bébés prematurés.merci encore

20/10/18 @ 17:38
Comment from: trish woodlief [Visitor]  
trish woodlief

could i please have the yellow patern? I just found this thanks

02/12/18 @ 21:04
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi Trish,

It’s the same pattern, I just took some new photos. The only part I changed were the wings, I made them a bit simpler. But if you preferred the other ones, take a look here:

04/12/18 @ 10:01
Comment from: Nino [Visitor]

So cute ❤❤
Thanks for sharing the pattern
Ihave a question though ! I don’t understand how the incr work ?? Take row 1 and row 2 for example
Can u simplify for me plz ? TIA 😍

12/02/19 @ 20:57
Comment from: kristi [Member]  
14/02/19 @ 13:00
Comment from: Judith [Visitor]

Hi I have just finished the owl but is one wing supposed to be wrong side out, or have I done this wrong on the pattern. Gonna make more as keyring.

08/06/19 @ 17:24
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi Judith,

The wings are symmetrical, so you can just turn them so the thinner end is pointing to the back and the right side is outside and they should look roughly the same on both sides.


10/06/19 @ 07:18
Comment from: Judith Harrison [Visitor]
Judith Harrison

Thank you Kirsti, my brain fog unfortunately haha

11/06/19 @ 15:01
Comment from: Ann-Katrine [Visitor]

Hi Kristi. What a lovely pattern. I have a question about attaching the wings and about the ears: I can'’t figure out to attached the wings to the body after the body is stuffed and closed off. And regarding the ears; My knobs makes the small treads go in different directions. Can you help me out?


29/06/19 @ 08:22
Comment from: kristi [Member]  

Hi Ann-Katrine,

You can always attach the wings before you close off the body. I like to attach them after stuffing the body, so I can be sure they look symmetrical. And then fasten off yarn tails like this:

Use the overhand knot for the ears, this way they stay up nicely:


29/06/19 @ 08:36
Comment from: Ann-Katrine [Visitor]

Thank you so much for your answer. I will try it right away :)

01/07/19 @ 22:52
Comment from: Ann-Katrine [Visitor]

So it turned out like this :)

04/07/19 @ 00:04
Comment from: Tai [Visitor]

I recently got into amigurumi a year ago and this month I decided to challenge my fingers to work on small projects. I came across your owls on Pinterest which brought me here and I made one as a keychain I showed it to my family and they love it. My friend says her mom loves owls so I will make her one very soon. I only issues is sewing I am so inexperienced and I dread sewing on

(note, I had trouble using the safety eye. I couldn’t get it to clap with it’s back part. the the body and the white yarn circle was too thick even though I changed the white to a worsted weight 3 I ended up struggling so much to get the 2 pieces to come together my fingers were red Anyway I love this pattern I was so impressed with myself and I thank you for generously taking the time to make this and share with the crochet community you are an awesome designer 💜

14/07/19 @ 00:36
Comment from: Csilla [Visitor]

So cute looks mine… Thank you for the awesome pattern!

06/11/19 @ 23:37
Comment from: Susan [Visitor]

Made friends with my cat 😊

25/02/20 @ 07:16
Comment from: Rapin beatrice RAPIN [Visitor]
Rapin beatrice RAPIN

merci beaucoup, cette petite chouette est vraiment très belle ! So cute!

15/03/20 @ 17:47
Comment from: Reka [Visitor]

I love this little fellow and enjoyed the work.
Thank you for this pattern



01/07/20 @ 16:04
Comment from: Reka [Visitor]

Another spot:)

01/07/20 @ 16:07
Comment from: Atelier Lunina [Visitor]
28/09/20 @ 11:24
Comment from: Sheri [Visitor]

Thanks for sharing this adorable pattern!
Check me out at

28/01/21 @ 23:54