Christmas Mouse CAL with Furls

I have something really exciting to share with you today - I am working with an amazing crochet hook manufacturer Furls, to host this month's amigurumi crochet-a-long for this Christmas mouse.

Free amigurumi mouse pattern // Kristi Tullus x Furls

So, pop over to Furls' blog for the supplies list, gather your materials and tools and get excited, the first part of the pattern will be coming on December 15th and the second part on December 22nd, just in time for Christmas.

And do join us at our exclusive Facebook group, Fun with Furls.

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Free pattern: Tiny bunny

I love making these tiny bunny rabbits, they make such cute keychains or little gifts, equally appreciated by kids and adults alike.

Free crochet pattern: Tiny bunny with straight or floppy ears // Kristi Tullus (

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Free Pattern: Bumble Bee Rattle

Free crochet pattern: Bumble Bee Rattle // Kristi Tullus ( 

This chubby little bumble bee is is crocheted around a rattle made of a plastic egg from a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg filled with small glass beads. But you can always use fiberfill to stuff the body.


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Free Pattern: Zombie Bunny

Do you guys still remember this zombie bunny? I meant to publish the pattern here over a year ago, sorted through the photos and everything, and then comlpetely forgot about it. But then I got a message on Ravelry a few days ago, reminding me I need to actually write down and publish it, seeing as it's useless sitting in a folder on my computer somewhere.

I am making an effort to be better at this organizing thing, I promise, but I don't think I'll ever be brilliant at it :) My brain just doesn't want to hold on to little details like stuff that needs to get done or deadlines or names or my anniversary. But enough rambling, here's the pattern:

Free pattern: Zombie Bunny // Kristi Tullus (

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Free pattern - Small long-legged cat

I took my bunny pattern and turned it into this little cat. The body pattern is the same, I only changed the ears and tail. I think it would also work as a teddy bear, so keep an eye out for another pattern in a couple of weeks.

Free crochet pattern: Small long-legged cat // Kristi Tullus (

This is a great pattern to try if you are new to toy making - it's not difficult to crochet and doesn't take too long, but does include a few different techniques, so you can learn all the basics of amigurumi making.


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Free Pattern: Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner, so I thought I would look over the egg pattern and post it here again. I made simple pastel colored eggs, but you can let your imagination roam free and decorate yours with stripes, embroidery, beads, ribbons, buttons, felt - the ideas are endless. If you need some inspiration, take a look at the projects page on Ravelry.

Free crochet pattern: Easter eggs // Kristi Tullus (

Or you can turn them into cute rabbits and chicks like Elena did. She was kind enough to share her modification on her blog.

Share your ideas and photos on my Facebook page or leave me a comment below.

free chicken egg crochet pattern

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