Fox pattern update

When I first wrote the fox pattern almost three years ago, I really wanted to use worsted weight yarn, but couldn't find a yarn thick enough in the right colors, so decided to crochet my fox holding two strands of yarn together. Which made the photos a bit confusing for some crocheters. Also, I wasn't really happy with the colors, I thought the photos could be better, pattern just a tad more clear and concise in places. Plus the neck joint was causing a bit of trouble for some of you. And we can't have that, now can we. 

Crochet pattern: 4-way jointed amigurumi fox  // Kristi Tullus (

And being me, the not quite perfect pattern kept nagging at me and I just had to rectify all the mistakes I made the first time round, just as soon as I could find the right yarn. Which wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I really wanted to use this sort of dark, rich, rusty orange, but I only found a couple of yarns that were the right color and they were either way too thin or just not nice enough to use for toys. Apparently I wasn't looking in the right place, because DROPS Lima in 0707 rust is just perfect, here paired with 5610 brown and 0100 off white.

amigurumi fox pattern

The new fox is smaller, since I used DK weight yarn instead of worsted, standing at about 27 cm (10 2/3") tall. And the body is crocheted from the bottom up and then just sewn to the head, instaed of from the neck down and attached with a joint. But otherwise the pattern is just the same.

crochet fox pattern

If you were a fan of the neck joint, don't worry, I will write a little blog post soon, showing how to modify any pattern to add the joint.

amigurumi fox tutorial

If you already bought the pattern on Ravelry or, you should have received an email with a download link to the new version. But if you bought it on Etsy, LoveCrochet or, send me an email here, include your order number, full name or email address and I will send you the new pattern.

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Comment from: Margaret [Visitor]

This updated little fox is adorable.

Have a nice day, Margaret

12/02/17 @ 17:55
Comment from: alejandra [Visitor]

me gustaria hacer este fox

14/08/17 @ 22:47