• What do your patterns look like?

My patterns are written in English using US cochet terminology. Each pattern includes:

- List of materials.
- List of abbreviations.
- Photo tutorials for all techniques used, except the most basic crochet stitches.
- The actual pattern written with abbreviations, no charts are included.
- Step-by-step photo tutorials illustrating the whole process.

My patterns are laid out so the actual pattern is on just one or two pages, with illustrating photos following. This way the more experienced crocheters can just print out the few pages with the actual pattern on it. But I have included little notes with page numbers in the pattern, so if you need to, you can quickly find the right photo tutorial.


  • What do your difficulty ratings mean?

1. Novice - Great project for taking your first steps in the world of amigurumi - basic stitches, repetitive pattern, simple shapes and easy assembly.

2. Beginner - These projects require a bit more experience and/or patience - may include more complicated stitch patterns, color changes, small details or require patience and precision when assembling the toy.

3. Intermediate - These projects combine a few of the more complicated techniques - may include lace patterns, color changes, small details and complicated shaping and assembly.

4. Advanced - Complicated projects that require expertise, patience and precision - may include a variety of patterns and stitches  (including basic knitting, sewing and embroidery techniques), small details, complicated shapes, unusual techniques and/or complicated assembly.

5. Expert - These projects usually have a lot of details and may include a variety of different sewing, knitting and embroidery skills, refined finishing and shaping.


  • Where can I buy your patterns?

My patterns are available on kristitullus.comEtsy, Ravelry and LoveCrochet.


  • What do I get when buying a pattern?

You will get a non-transferrable single-user licence, which includes:

- A digital copy of the pattern as a pdf file.
- Access to unlimited number of digital copies of this pattern, should you lose it.
- Access to any revisions made in the future.
- Unlimited support over email.
- Permission to sell items made with the pattern. You are not allowed to reproduce my designs without purchasing a licence (i.e. a copy of the pattern).

This single-user licence does NOT include the right to use my photos to sell your work. You are also NOT allowed to copy, reproduce, alter, publish or distribute the pattern in any way, including as part of your own designs.


  • May I sell finished items made with your free patterns?

You may make and sell as many toys as you want. I would appreciate a credit and a link to my blog (Kristi Tullus, http://sidrun.spire.ee). I also have a thread in my Ravelry group where you can include a link to your online store. I might even be able to steer some business your way.


  • May I translate your free patterns?

Short answer is - yes. Please contact me before doing so. You should

- follow the original text and layout (if possible)
- include the names of both the author (Kristi Tullus) and translator (you)
- include info about the original pattern (language info and a link)

Please send me a link to the translated version, so I can share it here as well.