New Doll Pattern

I've been wanting to do a collection of dolls with different animal outfits for a long time, lets kick things off with this little guy in a fox costume.

Amigurumi doll pattern


My Christmas Patterns

Happy December 1st! The holiday season has officially begun and although I know the better organized ones of us crocheters have been making things for Santa since July, I've tried to refrain from making and posting any Christmas toys to help save all the excitement until now. But it's finally time to bust out all the cheerful holiday patterns and get crocheting. Bring on the Christmas spirit!

Amigurumi Christmas patterns // Kristi Tullus (

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Small elf pattern in Dutch

free crocheted elf pattern

Good news, the small elf pattern is now available in Dutch! Thank you so much, Jeannette for translating! You can download the pdf here or here.

Also available in English and Estonian.



Round 2 is supposed to say:  (1v, (3v in 1st) x 2) x 2 = [14]

Mermaid pattern

After taking a break over this summer I am back working on new and exciting patterns, starting with this little mermaid.

Amigurumi mermaid pattern // Kristi Tullus (

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Free Pattern: Small Christmas Elf

Free crochet pattern: Small Christmas Elf // Kristi Tullus (

Last year I wrote patterns for Christmas elves, but they are quite detailed and take a bit of time to make. And since I know December is the busiest time for all crafters, I thought this year I would make a little elf doll that is smaller and simpler - perfect as a last minute present or if you need to work up a whole bunch.

free amigurumi elf pattern

They are not complicated to crochet, but do include some small details, which can be a bit fiddly to make. But if you have some patience and enjoy working on small details, it's right up your alley. Happy crocheting!

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The idea of making dolls with removable clothes has been brewing for a long time, I just wanted to really think things through and make sure the clothes don't turn out too bulky. And I am really happy with the way this little doll turned out.

Crochet pattern: Amigurumi doll with dress and shoes // Kristi Tullus (

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