Crocheted Star Ornaments

I'm completely in love with all the intricate and delicate and oh so beautiful crocheted snowflakes I keep seeing everywhere. There are tons and tons of gorgeous patterns out there, I have gathered a few on my Pinterest board, if you care to take a look. Every year I plan to make a bunch and every year I leave it too late and every year I think "Next year!"

If you're like me, you may want to try something simpler, like these crocheted stars I found on One Dog Woof. They are so beautiful and Christmassy, but take a lot less time to make. Also, these look equally nice made with any weight yarn, even the bulkier ones, so they are definitely a better option for beginner crocheters who might be intimidated by yarn that looks more like sewing thread and a hook you have to look through a magnifier to make sure you haven't picked up a needle, which the snowflake patterns call for. 

Crocheted star ornaments // ChiWei (

Photo and pattern: One Dog Woof

Kristi Tullus





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