Crocheted Acorn Pattern.

I finished another beige bunny today and had some yarn left over. I did a little yarn inventory and found I have a lot of scrap yarn in beige and brown colors. I guess brown doesn't make as cute a flower headband as pink does. So I decided to turn that yarn into crocheted acorns. I also wrote down the pattern so you could make your own.

Mine came out a lot bigger than real oak acorns. To get a realistic size, you should use fingering weight yarn and a 1,75 - 2 mm crochet hook.

Crocheted Acorn free pattern


Skills required

Crocheting in round, single crochet stitch, chain stitch, magic ring, increasing, invisible decreasing, finishing a closed piece, finishing an open piece (3), fastening and hiding yarn tails.



- 7,5 cm (3") with aran weight cotton blend and a 3,50 mm crochet hook (US size 4/E).
- 5 cm (2") with DK weight cotton and bamboo blend and a 2,50 mm crochet hook (US size 1/B).


Materials & Tools

- Yarn. I used worsted weight cotton and acrylic blend, 92m/50g (101yds/50g) / aran / 10 ply / 8 wpi. You will need about 20g of yarn - 12g for the acorn and 8g for the cap.
- 3,50 mm crochet hook (US size 4/E).
- Stuffing - polyester fiberfill, wool, wadding etc.
- Yarn needle, scissors, stitch marker.



- mr, n = magic ring - crochet n single crochet stitches into the adjustable loop.
- sc = single crochet stitch
- sc n = make n single crochet stitches, one in each stitch
- inc = increase – make two single crochet stitches in to the same stitch
- dec = decrease – crochet two stitches together
- (sc 2, inc) x 6 = repeat the pattern between brackets six times
- (24) = number of stitches in a round after finishing said round



- Do not join at the end of each round, work in a continuous spiral.
- Use a stitch marker or a piece of yarn to mark the end or the beginning of a round. Move the marker up after completing each round.
- All stitches are worked into both loops.



Worked from bottom to top.

1: mr, 6 = (6)
2: inc x 6 = (12)
3: (sc 5, inc) x 2 = (14)
4: (sc 2, inc) x 4, sc 2 = (18)
5-10: sc in each stitch = (18)
11: (sc 1, dec) x 6 = (12)

Stuff the acorn firmly.

12: dec x 6 = (6)

Finish stuffing. Cut the yarn, leaving a
long yarn tail and use it to close the
.Fasten and hide the yarn tail.

free acorn pattern



1: mr, 6 = (6)
2: inc x 6 = (12)
3: (sc 1, inc) x 6 = (18)
4: (sc 3, inc) x 4, sc 2 = (22)
5: sc in each stitch = (22)
6: (sc 9, dec) x 2 = (20)

Fasten off. Leave a yarn tail for sewing.


chain 7, sc in each chain, starting from
the second chain from hook.

Leave short yarn tails for sewing.

free acorn pattern


Assembling the acorn


free acorn pattern
1: Leave short yarn tails on the stem.
amigurumi acorns
2: Using a yarn needle, bring them to the
wrong side of the cap.














free acorn pattern
3: Knot the yarn tails together and cut
off the extra yarn.
free amigurumi tutorial
4: Place the cap to the top of the acorn
and sew it on, making a few stitches
around the bottom edge.














Fasten all yarn tails securely and hide them inside the acorn. Done!

Have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact me!

Copyright © 2013 TÜ Spire. Please do not post the pattern to your website or blog, instead post a link to You MAY use this pattern as a teaching aid in any free class or e-course, or as part of a free crochet pattern, provided you credit me as the designer (Kristi Tullus, Feel free to sell items made with this pattern.


Comment from: Shawna [Visitor]

Thank you for your free patterns, they’re cute and lots of fun.

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Hermoso, muchas gracias.

07/06/17 @ 19:45
Comment from: Thoai Vu [Visitor]
Thoai Vu

Thank you for your pattern

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Thanks a lot for this pattern.

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Comment from: Sherry Bohrmueller [Visitor]
Sherry Bohrmueller

This is so cute, thank you. Making some tomorrow, or I should say going to try. Lol

28/08/19 @ 02:52
Comment from: Barb [Visitor]

Thank you for this pattern. I’m going to start making these tomorrow to hang on my Mother’s hutch.
These are so cute.

24/09/19 @ 20:12