Free pattern: Tiny long-legged cat

Free crochet pattern: Small long-legged cat // Kristi Tullus (

These cats may be teeny-tiny, but they have a huge personality and a lot of attitude. They are not difficult to crochet, but their tiny ears, arms, legs and tail do require quite a bit of patience to make.


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Free Pattern: Cat Rattle

This small stripy cat is crocheted around a rattle made of a plastic egg from a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg filled with small glass beads. But you can always use fiberfill to stuff the body.


Free pattern: Crocheted cat rattle // Kristi Tullus (


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Welcome to the Circus!

Our circus has a mouse for a ringmaster, two rabbits for clowns, a talented juggler monkey and one cute friendly lion.

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I have a really exciting project I am working on - my first dogs. And not just any dogs, Boston terriers, which is one of my favorite breeds.

They are the mascots for a brand new video game Pull My Paw, which will be released in January, 2014.

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Yellow Kitty!

One of my long-legged cats flew to Los Angeles some time ago. Now she is living the good life, being pampered by Ella London. Yellow Kitty is also the star (well actually just one of the cast, but don't tell Kitty) of her new music video "Been There", which is the first of her fun "cheeky" songs.



Ella is known by her frineds and family as the girl who loves yellow. She is also England’s Unofficial Ambassador on all things Yellow, Cheeky and British and she supports ECPAT-USA/UK, a network of organizations and individuals working together to eliminate the commercial sexual exploitation of children around the world.

Ella is putting together some merchandise and Kitty will have her face on a T-shirt and even a miniature version of herself to make every key bunch out there more Yellow, Cheeky and hopefully even British. Portion of the profits will be donated to charity.

Pink cat in a lace dress.

Even Santa Claus and his little helpers can't make all the toys themselves and have to buy some from a store or, if you are lucky, order them from aunt Kristi. My nieces can really appreciate handmade toys, especially if they come from a loved one and they are included in the creative process.



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