Free Pattern: Zombie Bunny

Do you guys still remember this zombie bunny? I meant to publish the pattern here over a year ago, sorted through the photos and everything, and then comlpetely forgot about it. But then I got a message on Ravelry a few days ago, reminding me I need to actually write down and publish it, seeing as it's useless sitting in a folder on my computer somewhere.

I am making an effort to be better at this organizing thing, I promise, but I don't think I'll ever be brilliant at it :) My brain just doesn't want to hold on to little details like stuff that needs to get done or deadlines or names or my anniversary. But enough rambling, here's the pattern:

Free pattern: Zombie Bunny // Kristi Tullus (

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, all you lovely people! I hope you are having a marvellous weekend.

I've been really busy this week making bunnies and eggs and haven't had much time to work on anything else, although I did manage to at least start my tabby cat pattern. I would have loved to take some nice photos, but as usual, left things very late, so I was actually running to the post office before closing time to get them shipped out on time. Sigh, my plan to get better organized this year hasn't worked out that well.

Free crochet pattern: Small bunny// Kristi Tullus (

But here's one bunny I made for a friend that is still sitting on my desk corner.

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Pattern bundle

Amigurumi crochet patterns // Kristi Tullus (

I love mixing patterns and when I was working on these four, I thought why not make them the same size so you can too. Four different animals with four different outfits so you can mix and match ...

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Bunny in a Hoodie

My new bunny pattern is ready! Here's a little sneak peek with a full materials list and pattern info. And if you now feel inspired to make one yourself, pick up a pattern on EtsyRavelry, Craftsy or LoveCrochet.

Amigurumi bunny pattern // Kristi Tullus (

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Yarn addict in rehab

I just love all kinds of yarn, from humble rustic wool to luxurious silk, from traditional flax to acrylic and nylon, not to mention exotic fibers like milk protein. There's no better way to spend an afternoon than going to yarn stores and looking and feeling and oohing and aahing and, more often than not, bringing home bags full of beautiful yarn. Although I  usually have no clear picture in mind what projects I am going to use it for. And as you may have guessed, my yarn stash pretty quickly grew out of its designated storage area. 

Which lead to a new rule - no new yarn will be bought until I can fit it all back in the boxes. I could have gone around it by just getting more boxes and taking over the living room or giving away some of the yarn, but the sensible thing was to use it up. And the sensible route I went.

Amigurumi toys by Kristi Tullus

Going through it I found quite a large collection of fingering weight cotton yarn, which is a bit too fine to use when taking photos for patterns, but perfect for making really cute and small, but detailed toys - my favorite kind. It was quite relaxing mixing patterns and  just crocheting and not having to think about explaining each detail, although I found myself doing it anyway.

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Pom-pom Easter Bunny

Pom-pom Easter bunny tutorial

Aww... just look at that sweet little pom-pom bunny rabbit I just found on! I think I will have to make a few for Easter. Right... I'm off to buy some pom-pom makers!

Spring crafts with children

Tutorial and image by Click HERE for the tutorial.