GIVEAWAY - design your own amigurumi toy!

Design your own toy or pick one of my designs and in a month (July 19th) I will randomly pick a winner, who will get their toy made and sent to them absolutely free! You may pick one larger (10-30 cm or 4-14 in) or two smaller (up to 10 cm or 4 in) amigurumi style crocheted toys.

If you don't win, you can still purchase the toys you designed 20% off. Take a look at my Etsy shop to get an idea about prices.

To take part you will have to pick a design and let me know in this post's comments, on SIDRUN's Facebook page or send an email to You may add a sketch, description or pick one of my designs and add a link to the blog post.

Before making a decision take a look at my toys in the blog and read About materials.


* Every person may pick one design.
* Clearly state your interest in this giveaway by writing a comment to this post, posting on the Facebook page or sending an email.
* I will randomly pick one winner on July 19th.
* I will make and ship the toy(s) by August 2nd.
* I can not guarantee an exact match to your sketch.
* I will not make copies of famous characters or other designer's work.