5-way jointed lion

I am so excited to announce my lion pattern is finally finished! Usually I am pretty good at creating the exact shape I want without having to make a lot of samples, but this time I had some trouble with the head - just a few stitches in the wrong place can make a huge difference. And you can't always see what it's going to look like until it's all stuffed, with the eyes and nose in place. So I just kept tweaking it and finally ended up with five not quite perfect lion heads and one that I was happy with.

crocheted lion

This lion is 5-way jointed with moving arms, legs and head. I love using plastic doll joints - they are so easy to install, durable and waterproof. A lot of people have asked where to buy doll joints. I usually order mine from these three shops - 6060, yeahshop and GlassEyesOnline. All of them also sell other toy making supplies like safety eyes and noses.

amigurumi lion pattern

I will show three ways to make the mane, each one with a different look. They all have have their advantages and disadvantages.


  • Wool felting yarn or roving.

This type of mane is pretty quick to make and looks amazing, but the unvowen wool sheds and mats easily, so it's not a great choice when making toys for children.

soft toy lion pattern


  • Regular yarn

This lion has a mane made with fingering weight wool yarn, which is readily available, allows you to adjust the length of the mane and looks really cute. But it does take a long time make.

jointed lion


  • Eyelash yarn

Eyelash yarn is the most durable and kid friendly choice, looks nice and fluffy and feels so soft and silky. But it can be a bit fiddly to attach at first.

crochet pattern

You can grab a copy of the pattern on Etsy, Ravelry or Craftsy.


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